If a change is as good as a holiday, then RTG’s Operation MYOW is the pinnacle of relaxation.  The online video slot features not one, but five different paytables to choose from, each sporting its own clowder of colourful cats and a variety of symbol payout values.

Operation MYOW is an online video slot featuring 3 reels and a single payline.  The theme will appeal to martial arts fans and lovers of cats alike, and is echoed in the titles of the five paytables, namely Catzilla, Lucky Cat, Kung Fu Kitty, The King and Bat Cat.

User-Friendly Interface

It’s fairly simple switching between the various paytables on the user-friendly interface.

The graphics are detailed, and the cats are all donned in colourful costumes.  The high quality graphics adds a solid feel to the slot, making it entertaining and enjoyable to play.

Catzilla Paytable

Catzilla features, rather aptly, the largest of the possible payouts – 5 000 credits for 3 Catzilla symbols at maximum bet.  Catzilla is represented by a large green cat.  All payouts require three matching symbols.

Lucky Cat Paytable

Lucky Cat is up next, with 3 Lucky Cats paying out at 1 500 credits when playing at maximum bet. The lowest payout on this paytable is 6 credits paid for one Lucky Cat on the reels.  A combination of any three cats on the reels will add 25 credits to the player’s kitty.  Cats from the other four paytables make guest appearances on Lucky Cat’s paytable.

Kung Fu Kitty

Kung Fu Kitty packs a punch with a 1 000 credits reward for landing a matching combination of 3 Kung Fu Kitty symbols on the reels.  Wins are scored by landing a combination of 2 or more matching symbols.

Operation MYOW The King Paytable

Landing a combination of 3 of The King symbols will reward the player with a royal 750 credits.  Any 3 matching cats, besides the symbol of The King himself, pays out 50 credits.  Three cats not matching, pays 25 credits.

Bat Cat

Bat Cat comes in last at a payout of 50 credits for a matching combination of three Bat Cat symbols on the reels.

A Change Of Heart

Much like a cat’s privilege of changing one’s mind ever so often at want, the paytables may be switched at any time during play.

Operation MYOW also includes symbols unrelated to the feline theme.  These intermix with the crazy cats to make up combinations on the reels.  Other symbols include a dragon, a flower, a rising sun and also a black symbol.

Operation MYOW – Make Your Own Win

The MYOW in Operation MYOW is not only clever word-play, but also an acronym for Make Your Own Win.  Making your own win is the essential essence of the game, with the choice of which paytable to play being completely up to you.

Flexible Betting Options

Betting options are flexible, with minimum bet starting at 0.05 credits, and maximum bet at 5 credits.