Pontoon is the British version of the similar casino game, Blackjack. However with the same goal as beating the dealer with 21 or reaching as close to 21 as possible, Pontoon has some variations to the rules of Blackjack. Being a firm favourite most British people will know from childhood, Pontoon has become recognized and loved all around the world since going online.

Online Pontoon may be a little intimidating to the casual casino game player but many will tell you that the slight differences between Blackjack and Pontoon can add excitement and intrigue to the game and if you are not yet familiar with it, many casino sites offer online Pontoon games for free, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the rules before upping the ante and playing with real money.  Once you have a better understanding of the rules of Pontoon you can then switch to play for real money payouts.

Simple, Straightforward Play for Bigger Wins

The rules of Pontoon are rather simple and whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, online Pontoon has been known to be quite user friendly and fun. The easy to understand rules are readily available on all games and with compatibility with all your online devices there is absolutely no excuse to not try this exciting and fun game. Pontoon is played with the dealers cards face down and on all ties the dealer wins, while these may be viewed as disadvantages they also offer intrigue to the game.

Some other key differences to Blackjack are the terminology, where you use ‘Twist’ instead of ‘Hit’ when you would like to be dealt another card, ‘Stick’ instead of ‘Stay’ when you do not wish for another card, ‘Buy’ instead of ‘Double down’ when you wish to double up your ante and ‘Split’ when you wish to split two cards of the same value. Online Pontoon offers bigger wins as the pay outs are two to one on five card tricks and on an ace and face card combination. Play Online Pontoon for bigger prizes by simply downloading an app or playing online, depending on your device, and give it a go.

Start Playing Online Pontoon

Once you have placed your bet, the cards will be dealt to you and the dealer, the dealer’s cards facedown. The dealer will always win with an ace and a face card and on all ties. If you wish split your cards, you may do so at any point of the game. The dealer will follow the rules regardless of your hand. He will have to hit on 16 points and can stick on 17 or higher.

Many of the recommended online casinos where online Pontoon is available are accredited and licenced offering a safe and protected environment in which to play. Coupled with the advanced technology your device has to offer the Online Pontoon games bring you high quality graphics with fast, safe and secure play.  So whether you are on android, iPhone, iPad or desktop computer, start playing Pontoon to to have some great time.