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The Five Biggest Online Casino Wins In History

Online casinos have grown steadily in popularity since the mid-1990s. Due to the sheer number of users the community has garnered, the net worth of jackpots sky-rocketed beyond expectations. The game of choice when it comes to big payouts are slot games. The two main contestants, Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, have built a reputation …


Top Tips For Craps Players

Craps is one of the oldest casino games known to man – with a history dating back to the roman era. Most people have their betting sport of choice, but a Slots player may move to Video Poker and vice versa. However, a Craps player is a Craps player, and that love affair is one …


A Guide To Dealing With Bed Sores

Anyone that suffers from a disability will know that bed sores are one of the most pain and debilitating problems that can arise from not being able to move around for too long. Also known as ulcers, these sores are caused due to having prolonged pressure on the skin, which can lead to infections and …