Sugar Pop Online Slot Overview

These days, it comes as no surprise when one considers all of the different themes that come attached to online slot games. With so much on offer, these slot games are designed to create something new and exciting with every new game produced so that they may appeal to a wider audience of players. However, some themes remain classics and have resurfaced time and time again. One such theme is that of candy. Who doesn’t love a delicious, sugary treat every now and then (and probably a bit more frequently, too)? Betsoft has been producing online slot games for quite some time already, and their Sugar Pop slot game has provided players with an innovative, unusual slot game and the tasty treats we all love so much.

The Basic Structure

Sugar Pop slot game is a little bit different in structure when compared to other games of its kind. However, it is still incredibly easy to understand and as a result, is ideal for players of every level to enjoy. Instead of simply spinning the reels in order to form matching combinations, players need to shatter the different pieces of candy on the screen. This happens when three identical pieces are lined up either vertically or horizontally on the reels. Once the candy shatters, those pieces will be replaced by three new pieces and the whole process starts from the beginning again.

The Extra Features

Like offers in Aussie slots, of course, Sugar Pop slot game has a number of special features to offer players, and these all come in the form of different kinds of candies. There are plenty of them, but some of the most notable include the Caramel Chew (which eliminates everything in its path, thus clearing up the reels for players to form winning combinations), the Lollipop feature (which greatly increases a player’s chances of winning big) and the jawbreaker (which helps players crush any symbols that aren’t of much benefit to them). Each and every one of the special candy features is designed to help players instantly increase their winnings.

Sugar Pop Slot Extra Features

Play the Game on Various Devices

Online slot games have become incredibly popular and one of the main reasons for this lies in the fact that they are more convenient to play than their traditional counterparts are. Sugar Pop slot game has also been adapted to be accessible from a number of different devices, making it even more convenient for players to enjoy. Instead of having to sit down in front of a computer every time they wish to play these slot games, they can access it when they are on the move as well. This game functions seamlessly on the likes of mobile phones, tablets and smart watches.

Sweet Online Slots Treats

At the end of the day, Sugar Pop slot game is perfect for players looking for an interesting twist on the traditional or online slot games they have become used to. And with the ton of extra candy features on offer, there is always plenty of excitement on the reels.