Online casinos have grown steadily in popularity since the mid-1990s. Due to the sheer number of users the community has garnered, the net worth of jackpots sky-rocketed beyond expectations. The game of choice when it comes to big payouts are slot games. The two main contestants, Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, have built a reputation for creating overnight millionaires. They are also two of the few companies with guaranteed payouts, which is a substantial draw for casino enthusiasts.

The jackpots on these slot games are usually accessed through a side game that can be activated by certain spins. Once you get to the side game, you are presented with a “wheel of fortune” of sorts to spin, which then has the chance of winning a jackpot. At affordable prices, players of most income brackets have a chance at winning.

These are a few of the most life-changing wins in online gambling history.

Mega Fortune:

  1. In 2013, a Swedish student playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slots landed a record-breaking jackpot to the value of £15 534 811,44.

Mega Moolah:

  1. Jon Heywood, a British soldier who toured in Afghanistan became an unexpected millionaire on the 6th of October 2015. The prize could not have come at a better time for Jon, whose father was awaiting heart and lung surgery. The jackpot prize of £13 213 838,68 was won on one of Betway’s MegaMoolah slots and earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. After winning, a shocked Jon told reporters “It’s amazing. The first thing I will spend it on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad. That’s more important than anything.” The crazy thing is, he made this win on a 25p bet!
  2. On the 28th of December 2018, another player raked in the largest jackpot to this day, securing Mega Moolah the crown after five years of Mega Fortune’s rule as number one. The record-holding prize amounted to £16 452 288,82 and was a historic occasion in online gambling.
  3. The 30th of January 2019 saw the next big win on a Mega Moolah game, rounding out at £14 441 207,44
  4. The most recent, Mega Moolah jackpot was landed on the 17th of August 2020. Although this Jackpot was only the 5th highest in history, one can only imagine the relief the winner must have felt at having that extra support during the pandemic. This prize was triggered at a whole £12 767 384,49 and was the 67th hit of the Mega Moolah jackpot, solidifying its status as the king of Australian pokies.

As you can see, online slot machines have great potential to make a millionaire of anyone with a bit of bravery and faith. With Lady Luck at your side, a bet as small as 0.25 could land you amongst these top earners and change your life forever!