A little-known secret that it would do well for sports bettors to remember is that pro gamblers do not win as much, or as often, as many may think. People who make their living this way average wins around just over 50% of the time, in fact.

This makes it all the more amazing when tips and strategies are able to help bettors increase their winning percentages even slightly, and Canadian bettors who enjoy placing bets on basketball games can look forward to increasing their wins by as much as 2 – 3%, just by applying the advice outlined in this article.

Keep a Cool Head When Betting

While everyone has a favourite team in the events such as the NBA, this should never factor into betting strategy unless the odds are pointing in that teams’ favour. Bettors are urged to ensure that their emotions never get in the way of making a good judgement call, since any kind of bias will generally result in the wrong decision being made.

Wagers should be made after decisions have been formed thanks to the collection of solid data, correct information, and, admittedly, gut feel. Beating the bookmaker’s spread entails a shrewd mind, and the capability of making good decisions. Canadian bettors are urged to make use of hindsight whenever they can in order to be able to isolate what factors played a part in their bets winning.

Take Note of the Starting Line-up

Canadian bettors should take care to mind the line-up, and ensure that key players are there at the start of the game, since woe betide those who have placed a wager too early on and are forced to watch their bet go into freefall as a result of a star player not being present.

Take Betting Trends with a Grain of Salt

While trends are certainly informative, and worth taking into consideration, what has happened before does not always determine what will happen in the future. There are many times that certain basketball teams have managed to dominate others, and a lot of the reason for this is simple happenstance. Upsets are always a possibility as in the betting in Australia on rugby match at https://bettingsitesonline.net.au/rugby.

Focus on Finding Value Bets

Oddsmakers are very good at their job, but sometimes they have been known to post a weak line when there are many games on board. Canadian bettors should always be on the lookout for these, and, once one is found, they should be played each and every time. Bookmakers have to post lines for every basketball game, but bettors are not required to lay money on the outcome of each. This translates into punters being able to pick and choose only those which provide some kind of advantage.

Let Discipline be Your Watchword

Canadian bettors have to stay disciplined in order to start seeing more returns, and the easiest way to do this is by setting a bankroll and never ever deviating from it. Bettors are urged to never wager more than 3% of this bankroll on any one wager, either. The ups and downs of gambling are inevitable, and part of the fun of laying wagers, but sticking to this rule will ensure that losses are never too much to bear.