More Gold Diggin Online Slot Features

When it comes to online slot games, several different themes have emerged over the years. However, some of theme return over and over again, due to the associations that they have in the minds of players. One of these themes is mining. This particular theme works well for online slot games as much like mining, the longer you keep going, the higher your chances of uncovering something that is richly rewarding is.

Betsoft is well known for creating 3D slots that have the ability to transport players into another world, and in the case of their More Gold Diggin slot game, a sequel to Gold Diggin, players will feel as though they are right in the front of the action at the mine. Below you will find all the information you need to know before playing this game.

Reels and Game Setup

For most players, the simpler an online slot game is, the better. This is because the game moves at an incredibly fast pace, and being able to jump right into something that is uncomplicated is important. Players don’t want to have to take anything more than a few minutes to figure out how to play the game. Betsoft has plenty of experience in creating games with simple structures, and this is evident in More Gold DIggin slot game. With the standard five reels, this game also has 25 paylines, making for smooth, uncomplicated betting.

Slots Visuals

Instead of a modern-day take on the theme of mining, More Gold Diggin slot focuses on the old-world charm, back to the legendary days of the gold rush. Players can expect to find the likes of TNT and wooden carts decorating this online slot game. A miner stands on either side of the screen, thus adding to the overall atmosphere of the game. Furthermore, the symbols adorning the reels certainly speak to the game’s overall theme and include the likes of gemstones, barrels of dynamite and gold. These are also accompanied by blocks of different colours, making this slot game a brightly coloured one.

More Gold Diggin Online Slot Visuals

Big Slots Bonuses

More Gold Diggin slot game has a much welcome free spins feature, which will see players enjoying extra spins without having to put down any extra money. To activate these free spins, players will simply need to land three symbols of TNT barrels on the first, second and third reels. Any winnings made in the free spins rounds will immediately be multiplied by three. It is also worth mentioning that this game has cascading reels, which means that all multipliers of three could actually end up being multipliers of 15. Furthermore, it is possible for players to trigger even more spins while the game is in this mode, leading to even bigger wins.

All in all, like gambling options at, More Gold Diggin slot game has plenty to offer both beginner and seasoned players. With great 3D visuals, a simple setup and bonus spins on offer, it has all of the makings of some of the industry’s most favoured online slot games.