Good Girl Bad Girl Online Slot

Betsoft is well known for creating online slot games with unconventional themes. However, over the years, they have managed to appeal to a very wide range of players, each one with something different to offer in terms of what the theme is based on. However, one of their games in particular is aimed at those who prefer the lighter, fluffier side of life, as well as those who would much rather mingle on the darker side.

This game is Good Girl Bad Girl slot, and it presents players with an interesting division from the get-go. Should they choose to play this game in good girl mode, they will find that they are awarded with small but regular payouts. On the other hand, should players choose to play in bad girl mode, they will be paid out much less frequently, but in larger amounts. For further information about this game, see below.

Customise the Casino Game to Suit Your Needs

One of the best things about online slot games is the fact that they are so incredibly convenient. There are often times when players find themselves being able to make decisions designed to best suit their needs. For example, games can be accessed from a range of popular devices like iPhone, Android mobiles and can be played at absolutely any time of the day or night. However, Good Girl Bad Girl slot game adds another level of customisation and convenience to the game. Players can choose whether they wish to play 15 or 30 lines, whichever suits them best. Furthermore, players can toggle between the good girl and the bad girl options as they progress through each line.

The Good Symbols and the Bad Symbols

All of the symbols adorning the reels of Good Girl Bad Girl slot are a mixture of objects that would appeal to each side of the coin. For example, on the good girl side of things, a halo and a kitten can be found on the reels, and for the bad girls, a pitchfork and a full moon can be spotted. Whenever matching symbols form a win, one of them becomes animated. Accompanying these symbols is a soundtrack featuring a mix of thunder, laughter, screams and harps.

Good Girl Bad Girl Online Slot Symbols

The Bonus Features

Good Girls Bad Girl slot game’s wild symbols are the game’s highest paying ones. For the good side, this symbol is represented by the aforementioned halo, and for the bad side, the symbol takes the form of a pitchfork. These wild symbols can also provide players with multipliers of up to four for any winning combinations formed using the symbol. In other words, players will be granted the opportunity to increase their winnings without having to put any extra cash into the game.

All in all, Good Girl Bad Girl slot game has all the makings of a classic slot, and with the added option of being able to select settings that best suit their specific needs and wants from an online casino game, players are sure to enjoy it.