Genting Land Based Casinos

Although online and mobile casinos are now accessible to gaming fans all over the world, there is still a big demand for land-based casinos in many locations. As much fun as gaming online can be, it can also be a very lonely pastime. Gaming in land-based casinos is a different thrill entirely, so we will feature reviews of land-based operations whenever they will be of interest to gamers.

In this brief article, you can learn everything that you need to know about Genting land-based casinos, owned by the Genting Group. Over the past 50 years, Genting has been built up to one of the most successful land-based casino operations in the world, with dozens of properties on three continents.

Everything to Know about Other Genting Options

The Genting Group has expanded steadily since the opening of its first land-based casino in 1965, and it now owns and runs casino resorts at several locations in Asia, North America and Europe. The focus as always is on land-based casinos and the hotel resorts attached to them, but Genting also outsources certain catering and entertainment options. These include many UK venues, in which Genting runs the land-based casino operations, but uses local partners to provide bars, restaurants and other entertainment options.

Players can now enjoy land-based gaming, and everything else casino resorts can offer, at sites they know are owned and managed by a group with a long, successful track record. These sites include four resorts in Malaysia, three in Singapore, two in the Philippines and the Genting Hong Kong in Hong Kong. Another resort is planned in Mainland China, as well as South Korea.

Genting Land-Based Casino Origins

Genting’s involvement in land-based casinos began in 1965, when renowned Malaysian entrepreneur, the late Dr Lim Goh Tong, opened the first Genting resort, Genting Highlands, in Malaysia’s lush tropical highlands. Everything that you need to know about Genting land-based casinos can be found in Dr Lim’s approach to this initial property.

From the outset, Genting land-based casinos were designed not as stand-alone gambling facilities, but as an integrated part of an entertainment resort. The property includes a theme park, nature trails in the surrounding area, a 10,000-seat arena for shows, and several hotels. There are four separate entertainment venues, and a cable-car skyway. The cooler air of the highlands is part of the appeal, and since its inception, Genting has focused on pampering and luxury in between the excitement of the gaming tables.

Growing Genting Casino Presence

Growing Genting Presence in the UK and USA

Genting already owns five resorts in the mainland US, or on the Caribbean cruise-ship circuit, with another planned. It is the UK that has seen the biggest expansion in the number of Genting land-based casinos it hosts, however. This is because the Genting operation in the UK has used the strategy of running the casino while independent operators take care of the rest of the entertainment to the fullest.

This approach has allowed Genting to open lots of casinos and clubs around the UK, with the rest of the casino-resort attractions supplied by local contractors. The group now owns 47 casinos scattered across the UK, in locations stretching from Plymouth, Southampton and London in the south, up to Manchester, Edinburgh and Leith in the north.